Marc Jacobs' Swastika Chic?!

As cultural property goes, there may be no symbol more contested than the swastika.  But whether it calls to mind Hitler's horrors or Hindu/Buddhist blessings, one place that Counterfeit Chic didn't expect to see it was on the new Marc Jacobs Fluo Passementary Lily Hobo bag at Barneys

Marc Jacobs Fluo Passementary Lily Hobo bag, $1495.

True, Marc's presumably inadvertent passementerie faux pas is a left-facing version rather than the right-facing symbol used by Nazis and other right-wing nasties, but it still packs a an unpleasant psychological punch for the unwary shopper.  As in right hook.  

This isn't the first time in recent memory that a swastika has found its way onto an otherwise innocuous bag.  In 2007, the Spanish fast-fashion chain Zara reportedly recalled a bag decorated with cheery flowers, bicycles, and yes, a swastika.  Perhaps Mrs. Jacobs' charming son will consider doing the same.  In the meantime, however, travelers to Germany and other countries that legally restrict the display of the infamous symbol should play it safe and choose one of Marc's other designs for spring.

Zara bag, as shown on Bag Snob.

P.S. For an in-depth study of actual fashion in Germany from the end of WWI through the Third Reich, check out Prof. Irene Guenther's Nazi Chic?