Fashion Law Institute

We did it!

After more than a decade of working to convince legal academia that fashion was a field worthy of study, after finally establishing a law school course in the field, and after hundreds of hours of interaction with industry stakeholders ranging from international icons to emerging designers, Fashion Law has a home:  the Fashion Law Institute at Fordham.

As a result of the support and advice of the CFDA and its president, Diane von Furstenberg, the Fashion Law Institute will be able to offer training to aspiring lawyers, assistance to designers, and a center for research and information exchange to everyone involved in the field, starting in fall 2010.  None of this could have happened without not only DVF but also the CFDA's executive director, Steven Kolb, and his talented associates; Fordham Law School's dean and associate dean, Bill Treanor and Sheila Foster; and many other wonderful people on both the law and fashion sides of the equation.

When I dreamt of the Fashion Law Institute shortly before our announced launch, however, the scene was simple and dramatic.  As I stretched a hand toward the heavens, the clouds parted and a majestic reclining figure in a wrap dress reached down.  Then a voice sounded.  "Fiat fashion law!"  And lo, there was a Fashion Law Institute.  And she saw that it was good fabulous.

I really must stop watching television just before bedtime. 

Sistine_Chapel_detail.jpgSo what happens after the creation story?  Keep watching the webpage of the Fashion Law Institute (and occasionally this space).  And thanks to WWD's Marc Karimzadeh for a great article! 

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