"Fashion Copyright" Bill (IDPA) Headed for Full Senate

Once again, the little "fashion copyright" bill that could has been made it through the Senate Judiciary Committee and is headed for the full Senate!

This morning the committee briefly discussed the Innovative Design Protection Act, S. 3523 (IDPA  text here; short description here).  The only skirmish was over a proposal by Senator Michael Lee (R-Utah) to add a "loser pays" provision -- to a bill that is already more narrowly tailored than ever, with more experimental deterrents to litigation and a shorter term of protection than any intellectual property law ever created, anywhere, period.  The wisdom of the bill's primary co-sponsor, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) prevailed, and the proposed amendment was voted down before the final bill moved forward. 

If only all government actions were so quick and efficient!  (Although one wonders whether Senator Orrin Hatch, also R-Utah and the primary Republican co-sponsor of the bill, may give his junior colleague a dressing down.)