"Trademark" Trademarked for Burch Daughters' Line

 Another Burch brand is launching in the fashion space, this time the brainchild of Pookie and Louisa Burch.  And  what have the daughters of Chris and stepdaughters of Tory called their label?  Trademark, of course. 

But today's WWD offers words of caution to those who might read too much into the choice:

About the name: Trademark. Anyone assuming it's a sly reference to the contentious Burch vs. Burch legal battle of last year, in which one of the key issues at hand was C. Wonder's alleged copycatting of Tory Burch products, would be wrong. "I can't even tell you how much I did not think about that. Not even once," said Pookie. "It's actually quite ironic if you think about it, but the name came way before that," continued Louisa. Rather, it was inspired by the idea of a signature look -- your trademark sweater, or your trademark shoes. They toyed with calling it Uniform, but, alas, they couldn't get the trademark.
The denials have the ring of truth, and not only because of the length of the planning process.  After all, naming a brand after a family feud wouldn't exactly create positive associations.  

Then again, Pookie and Louisa and their own golden logo may have been more influenced by the importance of trademarks in the legal sense than the official story reveals.  A search for their "Trademark" marks, in categories ranging from clothing to jewelry to bags to eyewear and even stationery, indicates the name of the company to which they're registered:  21st Century Survival LLC.

Logomania is dead.  Long live the logo!