Attn. Gladiators: Spike Stilettos Before Entering Amphitheatre

In a regulation that pits the guardians of cultural property against the muses of fashion, Greece will attempt to stop female visitors from wearing heels that might damage archaeological sites.  Presumably gladiator flats, which have been popular for several seasons, are a suitable substitute. 

Hermes Fastening His Sandal (Louvre)

UPDATE:  Wait -- don't change your Greek vacation plans yet!  For those who insist on wearing high heels everywhere but the shower, there may be another option. 

By happy coincidence, the clever inventors at Modern Mechanix recently posted an article from 1930 about a miniature golf impresario who was frustrated by the holes left in his pristine greens by the dagger-sharp heels of his lady patrons.  His response was the shoe cover at left.  And that's not all.  While it doesn't seem that Mr. J.H. Binks ever patented his invention, a couple of years later one Albert W. Givens came up with his own somewhat simpler and more elegant solution to the same problem, right, and received patent no. 1875806 for his pains. 

Shoe_cover_ModernMechanix_1930_and_later_version.jpgSince the patent is long expired, might Counterfeit Chic suggest a classically inspired version, perhaps in the shape of a caryatid or a muscular Atlas?