Fiat Lux

"Should ageless beauty be available only the superrich?"

Unilever's long commercial -- or perhaps short film -- for Lux shampoo opens with a radio interview of a scientist who has isolated and augmented a precious natural substance, a true fountain of youth.  Cut to Catherine Zeta-Jones entering a high-security production facility along with a line of other young women who can't afford the product they manufacture.

But wait, "Robyn" is no ordinary prole.  Along with a dashing motorcyclist, she's crafted a diversion that will allow her to smuggle some of the exclusive substance out of the factory by using it to wash her own hair. 

On to the grammatically suspect happy ending:  "Successful in obtaining a precious sample of the golden elixir, just one hair from Robyn's head was enough to unlock the formula, fulfilling her dream of making beauty available to all women."


Yes, that's "Robyn" -- as in Hood.  Who knew a corporate conglomerate would be so enthusiastic about the theft of trade secrets?   

Via AdPulp