The NEW Lady Justice's Robes

Thumbnail image for Sotomayor_NYPost.jpgAssuming that Judge Sonia Sotomayor is confirmed as the newest member of the Supreme Court, she'll be making many important decisons -- including what to wear to work. 

This morning The Takeaway caught up with your favorite law prof to ask what soon-to-be Justice Sotomayor might choose to wear to highlight her role as a "wise Latina woman" on the Court.  Tune in to compare her options with those of U.S. Supreme Court justices throughout history -- from John Jay's black and red to Sandra Day O'Connor's jabot to William H. Rehnquist's infamous gold stripes. 

Quick advice?  Black is appropriate and traditional, not to mention second nature to a New Yorker, but Judge Sotomayor should feel free to retain the occasional flash of bright color and her signature bold earrings.  (In fact, why not celebrate with a new pair?  It's not every day that a girl gets appointed to the Supreme Court.)  Yes, judicial robes are intended to obscure the individual and focus attention instead on the official role; no, there's no point in trying to hide beneath them.  Not that Judge Sotomayor is in any danger of ever fading quietly into the background.

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