Bravo's Project Knockoff

The reviews are in for the new Bravo TV series, "The Fashion Show" -- and, predictably, I've yet to see one that doesn't call it a knockoff.  Apparently Bravo's initial reaction to the departure of "Project Runway" for the Lifetime channel was to sue, and its current response is simply to try and recreate its previous success as closely as possible without incurring more legal fees.  Among the critics' better lines:

Entertainment Weekly:  Imitation might be the sincerest form of flattery, but boy can it make for some lousy television.

Chicago Tribune: Knockoffs are the bane of the fashion industry, and they're certainly not unknown in the reality television genre.  But in a weird turn of events, Bravo is ripping off its own former flagship series.
NJ Star-Ledger:  We would not be surprised to learn that knock-off king Allen Schwartz is a producer on Bravo's "The Fashion Show"...

L.A. Times:  As a mad scientist remakes a dead lover from her remnants or a man marries a replica of his first wife, so Bravo -- the network "Project Runway"  left for Lifetime -- has created a new series in the image of the departed old.

Time:  I don't hate The Fashion Show; it's not really distinctive enough to be worth hating. It just feels like the TV equivalent of a fake Louis Vuitton bag.
All of which made it that much more amusing to watch the preview clips from future episodes, which include a much affronted and very dramatic Isaac Mizrahi advising, "Don't insult us with a mere knockoff!" At least the show's editors have a keen sense of the ridiculous.