Counterfeit Coffee Break 8

For the girl who still can't get over Sex and the City, here's the ultimate set of baked fakes:  cupcakes inspired by favorite fashion labels. 

Photos by Therese Aldgard, styled by Lisa Edsalv.

An attorney who works with a frequently copied brand once told Counterfeit Chic that its legal department could probably devote an entire division to patisserie if it chose, so I suppose it's no surprise to see an entry in the cupcake division.  Of course, these particular sweet treats aren't actually counterfeits, even if the styling of the photos would suggest otherwise.  Fans of Louis Vuitton, Betsey Johnson, Chanel, and Christian Louboutin (love the red velvet cake!) can thus sink their teeth into buttercream fantasies without intellectual property guilt.  As for caloric qualms -- well, that's a matter for Weight Watchers (a name that always sounded a bit Big Brotherly to me, but maybe that's just my culinary conscience talking).

Bonus:  Lollipops!

Via  High Snobiety -- with more pics.