Not-So-Lucky Break

Ananas, the handbag line whose perseverance in the face of knockoffs is a paean to pineapple power, has been sliced yet again -- this time in the pages of Lucky magazine

The July issue includes a patriotic red, white, and blue layout that at first glance appears to feature the Ananas Emily bag (left), but instead shows an Amici copy.  The original details are all there, right down to the distinctive stitching and wooden rings. 

According to the knockoff's website, "Amici designs are all original, incorporating ideas from couture and ready to wear markets."  Really.  And with Amici like this, who needs enemies? 

Until the U.S. adopts the Design Piracy Prohibition Act or similar legislation, indie designers like Ananas' Jennifer Lagdameo have no legal recourse.  In the meantime, Counterfeit Chic suggests checking out the originals either online or at the Ananas boutique in New York's Nolita neighborhood -- and flying an appropriately expressive American flag on Independence Day.

American Jolly Roger.jpg
Oh, and Lucky?  Love that you've highlighted Ananas in the past and still appreciate the style -- but how about a feature using the real thing? 

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