Reality TV Imitates Reality

With all the cold, rainy weather this year, it seems that celebrity designer and Bravo TV Fashion Show judge Isaac Mizrahi may have caught a bad case of plaid. 

During last night's episode, the contestants were asked to create an outfit using the same inspiration board that Isaac had put together for his own line.  The worst of the resulting looks included a coat with a plaid lining reminiscent of Burberry's nova check, which the panel of judges agreed turned the otherwise original garment into a bad knockoff.  (Not to mention a potential trademark infringement, had the garment won and been produced for sale.)  The cerebral contestant responsible for the design, James-Paul, wasn't sent home -- but to borrow one of the heavy-handed puns beloved of the show's producers, it looked for a moment as though he were "hanging by a thread." 

FashionShow_Bravo_Season1Ep7.jpgOn the other hand, perhaps James-Paul's only offense was hewing too close to the style of the show's reigning design diva.  Counterfeit Chic readers may remember the curious cuffs on this look from Isaac's Fall 2009 collection for Liz Claiborne, presented last February.
LizC_plaid_WWD_2-11-09.jpgCould it be that plaid is contagious?