Fashion Police: Betty & Veronica on the Beat

The cover may suggest a resumption of last summer's hostilities over copycat couture, but this year Betty and Veronica are teaming up for a summer job fighting fake fashion.

Archie_Betty_and_Veronica_242_border.jpgLike Lois Lane before them, the two Archie Comics characters plus another friend go a bit too far and find themselves in peril.  Unlike the intrepid girl reporter, however, they have a cell phone handy to summon assistance -- and plans to go back to ferreting out fakes once they've spent their reward money. 

The story reads a bit like a PSA, with tips for spotting counterfeit goods, an explanation of why the boys in blue need the girls' assistance, information on where to find the real thing -- and even a presumably purebred pooch with a natural aversion to pleather.  The creators do take a little bit of license:  It's not likely that shopping for fakes would be a particularly well paying position, or that in real life Betty and Veronica would be driving off to the big city rather than searching the web for infringing goods. 

Still, it seems that -- like Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel -- the all-male cast of comics creators who bring us this book are sympathetic to the intellectual property plight of their fashionable counterparts.