Bag Lady

Before the bottom fell out of the economy, sartorially savvy parodists could occasionally be spotted carrying counterfeit bags overtly labeled as such...

Faux Avenue Bill Cunningham NYT 12-5-04 cropped.jpg ...and artist Zinwoo Park took the next illogical step in the authenticity mind game, placing a "fake" label on a real Louis Vuitton Speedy. 

LV_Zinwoo_Park_fake.jpgThis crumpled "Chanel" doesn't provoke quite the same mental gymnastics, but it may just be the quintessential example of dark humor for the downturn.  Or perhaps the prototype for a new celebrity collaboration:  Ruth Madoff for Chanel.

Chanel_paper_bag.jpgMany thanks to clever Counterfeit Chic correspondent Kristina Montanaro, who spotted the paper bag over at HighSnobette.