Kors Light

Did he or didn't he?

Fashionistas whose hearts beat for red soles -- or, more precisely, Christian Louboutin's scarlet stunners -- are wondering whether Michael Kors "borrowed" the trademarked hue for the soles of his pink-toed beige pumps.  The two-toned teasers have turned up in quite a few recent editorial features, including a Marie Claire post calling them the new "it" style of the season.  Michael_Kors_pink-toed_pumps.jpgBut are the soles truly red, or merely a misleading shade of dark orange -- as turned out to be the case in the Versace ads featuring Gisele last year?  Go forth, shop, and report back!

And while we're speculating, will Cesare Paciotti's dagger-decorated red soles, which appear in the July issue of Vogue with only a telltale sliver of true red color visible, continue to strike at the heart of the Louboutin mark?

Thanks to dedicated reader Samantha Rothaus (and her mother!) for questioning Kors course!