Counterfeit Coffee Break 9

With the first crisp days of autumn upon us and the semester well underway, it's time for a counterfeit coffee break -- this time courtesy of Nescafe.  

"Really?" you ask.  "The brown powder that simulates fresh-brewed coffee when hot water is added -- about as convincingly as dirt might?" 

Yes, really -- but with a twist.  Nescafe has a new ad campaign accusing Starbucks, whose own trademark has been copied far and wide, of knocking off Nescafe's infamous instant coffee.  At much higher prices.  (In Counterfeit Chic terms, it's "knocked up" rather than "knocked off" -- but that doesn't make it any tastier.) 

Starbucks_copies_Nescafe.jpgOf course, the corporate baristi behind the Starbucks Via Ready Brew are well aware that you can't be held liable for copying a mere idea.  Even a bad one.

As for me, make mine tea.

Via Idea Sandbox and Gothamist.