Ladies, Place Your Bids: Narciso Rodriguez for eBay

Google "eBay" and "counterfeit," and you'll get over half a million hits.

Thumbnail image for Narciso_Rodriguez2.jpgWhich is reason enough for the repeatedly sued online marketplace to seek out a bit of couture cred in the form of a partnership with celebrated designer Narciso Rodriguez.  The popularly priced collection, "Narciso Rodriguez for eBay," is planned for next spring.  In the words of the New York Post:

The pact with Rodriguez -- who recently has won notoriety as a favorite designer of First Lady Michelle Obama -- is a victory for eBay, which has long battled its reputation in the fashion world as a venue for cheap knockoffs and deeply discounted, off-season or out-of-style clothing.
For Narciso, it's an opportunity to reach a wider audience, not to mention get paid on time.  In other words, it's a win-win -- everybody gets to "shop victoriously."

And you won't even have to misspell  the name to find a bargain.