Location, Location, Location

Fashion flashes by on the runway in minutes, but the behind-the-scenes design and production work is much more painstaking and less glamorous.  In New York, that gritty reality of fashion production -- so key to turning creative visions into actual clothing -- is being eroded by rising rents, the movement of manufacturing overseas, and the potential re-zoning of New York's Garment District. 

Didn't realize that there was a specially zoned area for fashion production in NYC?  Or a long and influential history of garment manufacturing here?  Check out the documentary film Schmatta tonight at 9pm on HBO.  (An early copy didn't arrive in the mail as promised, so no review -- but I'll probably take a look anyway.)

Then, to learn more about the current concerns of those who fear losing the crucial remaining production capacity left in NYC, read the op-ed from Nanette Lepore and Robert Savage that was published in the New York Times on (of course) Labor Day.  And take a break this Wednesday at noon and head over the the Button & Needle sculpture (7th Avenue & 39th Street) for a "Save the Garment Center" rally. 

The dress code is fashion-forward, of course.

Photo posted to Flickr by Eliane.