Counterfeit Chic makes ABA top 100!

Counterfeit Chic is incredibly surprised and honored to have been named among the top 100 law blogs -- sorry, blawgs -- by the ABA Journal.  (L)aw, shucks, guys -- thanks.  Given that "Fashion Law" wasn't even a recognized field when I started writing, it's a victory for legal fashionisti everywhere to have Counterfeit Chic among the top 10 in the "Practice Specific" category. 

On a personal level, I'm particularly touched since life's been too busy to post as regularly as usual this semester.  (And if you think that Counterfeit Chic has been neglected, you should see my houseplants.)  

The good news is that Counterfeit Chic's wonderful readers, email correspondents, and now the ABA Journal editors -- not to mention the end of the semester -- have inspired me to fire up the old laptop and get back to writing on the 1-2am shift.  As for you all, please get out there and VOTE for your favorite in each of 10 categories!  (You'll have to sign in, but it's quick and painless.) 

And before the music starts and I get pulled off the stage by glamorous amazons, let me also congratulate colleagues and friends who made the list -- and those who didn't but surely deserve recognition for all of their hard work.