Name Game Over? The Latest on Joseph Abboud

Magistrate Judge Theodore H. Katz of the Southern District of New York must be glad that getting dressed for work involves hiding his suit under a black robe.  After having his decision in JA Apparel Corp. v. Abboud overturned by the Second Circuit, reading another round of "hefty" briefs from the corporation and the designer, and writing a  new 59-page opinion released yesterday, the last thing any judge would want to think about is menswear. 

Still, the name game may not be over yet.  While the designer may use his name in a descriptive fashion that is not likely to cause confusion with the JOSEPH ABBOUD trademark he sold to JA Apparel, the parties will likely continue to spar over details like the size and placement of Mr. Abboud's name in his print advertising. 

A bit sad, really, to consider all of the creative layouts and ad pages that could've been purchased with the money spent on legal fees -- unless, of course, you're doing the billing.

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