Edwardian Fashion

We already knew that sometime Presidential candidate John Edwards cheated on his wife -- while she was battling cancer.  And that he spent almost 2 years denying paternity of his daughter, despite all evidence to the contrary.  So perhaps it should come as no shock to be told that Edwards also attempted to lie with his fashion labels.

According to a new book by Andrew Young, formerly Edwards' loyal associate and partner in deception, Edwards had the author remove a "made in the USA" label from his suit to sew in place of Edwards'  own "made in Italy" label prior to a union-sponsored event in Las Vegas.  The alleged alteration wasn't illegal, unless Edwards tries to resell the mislabeled item, but it does seem in keeping with the rest of Edwards' execrable ethics. 

With pseudo-patriotic stitching switches like that one, it's no wonder the U.S. garment industry is concerned about maintaining domestic production.  Or that the theme of an excellent ALMA event at the Italian Consulate in New York last week was "Protecting 'Made in Italy' through Intellectual Property Law."  (Nice speaking to you!) 

Oh, and John?  When you're done pushing the buttons of garment manufacturers on both sides of the Atlantic, you might consider giving Andrew his label back.