A Counterfeit, or a Pump Well-Flower'd?*

They are "such stuff as dreams are made on:"  High-heeled pumps, crafted in fine chocolate, with a telltale flash of red sole. 

Jacques_Torres_shoe_crop.jpgHave award-winning chocolatier Jacques Torres and master shoe designer Christian Louboutin teamed up to produce the ultimate eat-it-or-wear-it experience, or has Jacques stolen Christian's immortal sole? For once, Counterfeit Chic doesn't want to know whether these chic chocolate creations are lusciously licensed or craftily copied -- at least until after dessert. 

While Torres last year had a not-so-sweet legal exchange with Hershey's over allegedly stolen "kisses," the two French craftsmen would seem to make a perfect pair.  What could be more decadent than a shoe that melts to fit, unless it's imbibing Torres' signature champagne truffles from one of these chocolate slippers? 

At $39 per painted pump, the chocolate versions aren't exactly made for a shoestring budget, but for designer shoes they're a sweet deal. Let's hope they're not picked up by "lawyers' fingers, who straight dream on fees."

Jacques_Torres_shoes_website.jpg *Romeo and Juliet, Act 2, Scene 4.