Yankees World Series Rings and Ringers

Opening day at the Cathedral of Baseball 2.0:  Balmy April breezes, Yankee heroes and fans basking in the afterglow of their 27th World Series win, and more diamonds than Ivana and Ivanka combined.  In the context of an event so carefully choreographed that even the weather cooperated, it was refreshing to learn that a pair of pinstriped pranksters had plans of their own.

Each 2009 Yankee, right down to World Series MVP Hideki Matsui wearing the uniform of his new, geographically confused team, was presented with a commemorative ring.  Or so he thought. 

But Derek Jeter had switched Hideki's for a giveaway fake...and Mariano Rivera had done the same to Nick Swisher.  

Of course, both players eventually received their real rings.  While the authentic Balfour bling is presumably worth a small fortune, however, it's the silly substitutes that showcased more genuine affection and captured a storyline better than any junk jewelry since Audrey Hepburn's Cracker Jack ring in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

With team chemistry like that, can 28 be far behind?