Misery Loves Company at Harper's Bazaar Anti-Counterfeiting Summit

Soderbergh.jpg"I'm thrilled to hear we're not the only industry being devastated by this," film director Steven Soderbergh told attendees at the 6th annual Harper's Bazaar Anti-Counterfeiting Summit yesterday. 

Apparently for Soderbergh the silver lining in the counterfeit cloud is that more money spent on fake fragrance and handbags, online and off, means less spent on pirated DVDs, particularly of his own movies.  But the director's ultimate assessment of the bottom line when it comes to copying is considerably bleaker, and he called for a shift in cultural norms to preserve incentives to create.  "Art moves forward when people take chances, and people are taking fewer chances." 

The real question, however, remained unanswered:  Will Soderbergh's next movie project take on fakes?  Counterfeit Chic is ready to buy tickets for Traffic 2: The Handbag Wars, or perhaps Ocean's 14, in which George Clooney hatches a plan to steal the ultimate "it" bag.  Then again, maybe there's a reason I'm not a film producer.