Toted Away

Alas, Counterfeit Chic arrived at eBay too late to secure this season's limited edition "it" tote -- the fashion-for-a cause-version of the "it" bag.  The CFDA-eBay collaboration to combat counterfeiting and celebrate original design included the basic $35 model, bearing the slogan, "You Can't Fake Fashion,"

CFDA_tote_YouCantFakeFashion.jpgand $150 customized versions from 50 different designers.  Particularly clever versions included Calvin Klein Collection's python-trimmed transformation from tote to elegant clutch,

CFDA_tote_Calvin_Klein.jpgFoley and Corinna's re-creation of their own much-copied classic,

CFDA_tote_Foley_Corinna.jpgand Narciso Rodriguez's deceptively simple Swarovski-studded transformation of the "C" in "Can't" to a copyright symbol.  As Narciso knows all too well from personal experience, you can't (legally) counterfeit fashion's trademarks, but under copyright law you can still knock off a fashion design.  Given the context and his personal commitment to the "fashion copyright" cause, this bold red copyright symbol is the epitome of aspirational style.

CFDA_tote_Narciso_Rodriguez.jpgAnd speaking of aspiration, here's hoping for a reissue of the sold-out tote!  Or better still, a time when its message is no longer necessary.